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T-26001 front view
T-26001 side view
T-26001 back view


T-26021C Cordless Zoom Stereo Microscope 14× – 90×

VisionScope 2

The Cordless VisionScope 2 line offers a built-in carrying handle, a wide and sturdy base, and an easily adjustable rack-and-pinion focusing system. This microscope delivers robust functionality in a sleek design and is ideal for use in the classroom and in the field.


  • Cordless battery pack included
  • Zoom Magnification 14× - 90×
  • Interchangeable head
  • Adjustable rack-and-pinion focusing system
  • Versatile upper and lower lighting management system
  • Humidity and climate protection coating on optics


HeadBinocular, 45° angle, 360° rotatable, 2 eyepieces
Eyepieces20× DIN Widefield
ObjectivesAdjustable zoom 0.7× - 4.5×
LightingBright and cool LED white light
Stage plateFrosted and 2-sided – black and white
Size L × W × H8.5” × 10" × 15.75" / 21.6cm × 25.4cm × 40.0cm
Weight6.5lbs / 2.95kgs
Warranty10 year limited

Download Full Spec Sheet (PDF)

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