Experience tetrahymena through the eyes of a digital microscope to demonstrate the levels of organization and characteristics of this taxonomy.

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(mp4, 8.9MB)


The Amazing Amoeba

Capture cytoplasmic streaming of an amoeba underneath a digital microscope.

Related Products: T-19542C T-19543CT-19642CT-19643C

(mp4, 15.1MB)

Onion Osmosis

Capture osmosis with a digital microscope and discover the movement of molecules through a semi-permeable membrane.

Related Products: T-19542C T-19543CT-19642CT-19643C

(mp4, 4.57MB)

Daphnia Anatomy

In this lab, students will investigate what chemicals will effect the heart rate of a daphnia and explore the anatomy. Capture the daphnia heart beat and view the eggs of the daphnia reproductive system with a digital microscope.

Related Products: T-17541CT-19542CT-19642C

(mp4, 4.73MB)

Salmon Embryo Development

In the spring of 2012, Mrs. Barney Peterson’s 4th grade class investigated the development of salmon in the Washington area. Watch the amazing video that they captured of the salmon development.

Related Product: T-1050

(mp4, 6.9MB)


Watch as planaria swim around vigorously at NSTA Nationals 2012. Recorded on the exhibition floor using a FlexCam 2 document camera and Applied Vision software.

Related Product: Applied Vision Software910-171-200

(mp4, 45.2MB)


Introduction to Invertebrates

In this lab, the student will examine invertebrates from a baked potato.  The student will capture and examine invertebrates in the soil using proper field work with a stereo microscope. The student will identify organisms found in the soil with still images and movies with a digital microscope.

Inside A Seed

In this lab, the student will identify the differences of angiosperms, specifically between a monocot and a dicot seed.  Students will see the differences in size, color, and shape of the two different seed types.

Flower Anatomy

In this lab, students will dissect a flower to examine the male and female organs of the plant.  The students will gain a greater understanding of the pollination process with flowers and the environment.  Students then will research Georgia O’Keefe flowers and make a similar painting in her style.  This lab is great for cross-curricular studies with Art and Science!

Color Me Chromatography

In this lab, the student will learn how to set up a chromatograph and extract plant pigments.  They will discover the three different types of plant pigments: anthocyanins, carotenoids, and chlorophyll.

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