The Ticking Clock

Mesmerize your students with the gears of a ticking clock.

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(mp4, 12.6MB)

Milk Magic

Experience the breaking of surface tension and altering of proteins with this simple milk demonstration.

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(mp4, 3.14MB)



Surface Tension

See how many drops of water can fit on a coin.

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(mp4, 24.3MB)


Acceleration Due to Gravity

If a bowling ball and a basketball were dropped from the same height at the same time which would hit the ground first?

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Keep Bobbing Along–Discrepant Event

Go further with the investigation of density with water and other liquids.

 (mp4, 416 KB)

Spinning Eggs-Discrepant Event

Introduce students to the concept of inertia with this egg event.

(mp4, 1.08 MB)


In this lab, the student will investigate how light is refracted by water in two different mediums.


In this lab, the student investigates momentum of an object with mass.

(mp4, 1.86 MB)

Force and Vacuums–Discrepant Event

Introduce students to forces and vacuums with an egg, bottle, and matches.

 (mp4, 2.74 MB)


Density–Volume by Displacement

In this lab, the student will explore mass and water displacement with a balance and a graduated cylinder.

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