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Video Flex 2100 Explorer
The 2100 Explorer will meet all your needs without exceeding your budget. It's the ideal solution when seeking portability and versatility. The 40-inch neck can be coiled into a base for microscope applications, or can be wrapped around a telescope, object, or person to provide a unique point of view.
  • Baseless Construction: Unlimited positioning and wrapping around objects
  • Light Weight: Transports easily for remote video capture
  • Poly-Carbonate Build: Allows for rugged conditions and environment
  • C-Mount Lens: Interchangeable lens system accommodates all c-mount lenses
  • Quick FocusTM: 1/4 turn moves from 6mm to infinity
  • 450 Lines of Resolution: For crisp clear pictures
  • Portable: At 1.5 pounds travel and explore
Weight 1.54 lbs / 0.7 kg
Base Neck is the base
Neck Length 40" / 102cm
Head Type 90 degree Fixed
Lens 8mm
Focus ¼ turn Quick FocusTM
Focal Distance ¼" / 6mm to Infinity
Light Sensitivity 1.5 Lux
Resolution 450 Lines
Magnification 50:1 and Greater
Exposure Fixed Contrast
Output Signal Composite Video
Eyepiece Adapters 28mm and Built-in 34.5mm
Cable 12' Video
MSRP $595
Warranty 2 Years