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Video Flex 7300
The Video Flex 7300 TEACHER'S CHOICE includes all the features of the 7200, plus the industry's first innovations. The Manual Contrast controls adjust to any lighting condition, the Positive/Negative switch reverses the video image to highlight details, and the Fluorescent Control eliminates the pulse caused by antiquated fluorescent lighting.
  • Triangular Base: Slip and Tip proof
  • 500 Lines of Resolution: For crisp clear images
  • Poly-Carbonate Build: Allows for rugged conditions and environment
  • C-mount Lens: Interchangeable lens system accommodates all c-mount lenses
  • Quick Focus: 1/4 turn moves from 6mm to infinity
  • Ball and Socket Head: For greater range of motion and easier positioning
  • Microphone: For recording or amplifying
  • Discovery Scope Kit: To bring nature into the classroom
  • Kensington Slot: Provides anti-theft control
  • 1.5 Lux: Operates in low light conditions
Weight 5.95 lbs / 2.70 kg
Base Material Polycarbonate
Base Dimension 7"x7"x7"/ 18x18x18 cm
Height 30" / 76.2 cm
Head Type Ball and Socket
Lens 8mm
Focus 1/4 turn Quick Focus
Focal Distance 1/4" / 6mm to Infinity
Light Sensitivity 1.5 Lux
Resolution 500 Lines
Magnification 50:1 and Greater
Exposure Adjustable Contrast
Output Signal Composite Video and S-VHS
Eyepiece Adapters 28mm and Built-in 34.5mm
Advanced Features Contrast Control Buttons
Positive/Negative Switch
Fluorescent Control Switch
Options Included Discovery Scope Kit and Case
Cable 12' A/V
MSRP $875
Warranty Five Years