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Video Flex 7600
The Video Flex 7600 document camera introduces a direct computer interface. Simply connect to the USB port of any PC or Mac to transmit or capture images. The 7600 can simultaneously display to a computer and a TV monitor. This means that a video signal can be received and "frozen" in a computer while live action continues on the monitor.
  • USB, Composite, & S-VHS: For greater range of applications; simultaneous hook up
  • Triangular Base: Slip and Tip proof
  • 500 Lines of Resolution: For crisp clear images
  • Poly-Carbonate Build: Allows for rugged conditions and environment
  • C-mount Lens: Interchangeable lens system accommodates all c-mount lenses
  • Quick Focus: 1/4 turn moves from 6mm to infinity
  • Ball and Socket Head: For greater range of motion and easier positioning
  • Microphone: For recording or amplifying
  • Adjustable Contrast: Varies the contrast of the picture
  • Positive / Negative Switch: Similar to Darkfield Control on microscopes; this reverses the lighted images
  • Fluorescent Control: For Fluorescent conditions
  • Discovery Scope Kit: To bring nature into the classroom
  • Kensington Slot: Provides anti-theft control
Weight 5.95 lbs / 2.70 kg
Base Material Polycarbonate
Base Dimension 7"x7"x7"/ 18x18x18 cm
Height 30" / 76.2 cm
Head Type Ball and Socket
Lens 8mm
Focus 1/4 turn Quick Focus
Focal Distance 1/4" / 6mm to Infinity
Light Sensitivity 1.5 Lux
Resolution 500 Lines
Magnification 50:1 and Greater
Exposure Adjustable Contrast
Output Signal USB (cable and software included)
Composite Video and S-VHS
Eyepiece Adapters 28mm and Built-in 34.5mm
Advanced Features Contrast Control Buttons
Positive/Negative Switch
Fluorescent Control Switch
Options Included Discovery Scope Kit and Case
Cable 12' A/V
MSRP $995
Warranty Five Years