Visualize Your Solution
BookCAM 7811
Now teachers can use the BookCAM visual presenter to expand students' minds while reading. Simply connect the pre-attached video cable to a TV monitor or LCD projector and clip the camera to your book. This unique camera is set to allow you to view the picture on a monitor just as you see it! Watch your students get excited about reading while they read along with you.
  • Rubber Knurled Focusing System
  • 6mm wide angle glass lens
  • Pre-Attached Cabling
  • One-switch control
  • 350 lines Resolution
Weight 5.95 lbs / 2.70 kg
Lens 6mm
Focal Distance 1" / 6mm to infinity
Light Sensitivity 3 Lux
Resolution 350 Lines
Magnification 30:1 and greater
Output Signal Composite Video
Cable Pre-attached 12' video
MSRP $395
Warranty Three Years