Visualize Your Solution
ShopCAM 7821
The ShopCAM 7821 is a flexible gooseneck video camera that "clips" to a variety of surfaces. Simply connect the pre-attached video cable to a TV monitor or LCD projector and the camera will display enlarged objects up to 50x for presentation. When demonstrating to a group, you not only save time, but stimulate communication. Using the ShopCAM, your students will retain more visual knowledge when viewing intricate details. The ShopCAM is totally portable and versatile. Where you use it is up to you!
  • Reading a book: Students can read along with you
  • Auto / mechanic: Clamp to a car and focus on the engine
  • Welding: Demonstrate welding techniques
  • Woodworking: Save time demonstrating to the whole group
  • Mechanical drawing: Display close up details
  • Electronics: Soldering, wiring, circuits, routers, and planers
Weight 5.95 lbs / 2.70 kg
Lens 6mm
Focal Distance 1" / 6mm to infinity
Light Sensitivity 1.5 Lux
Resolution 500 Lines
Magnification 50:1 and greater
Output Signal Composite Video
Cable Pre-attached 12' video
Optional Accessories 24 foot extension video cable / Wireless Clip Kit
MSRP $395
Warranty 1 Year