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FurnitureCAM 7875
The FurnitureCAM by Ken-A-Vision is the ideal camera to use for presenting a number of subjects. Its flexible neck and easy-to-focus lens allow the user to focus on something from as close as a half inch away to across the room. This camera is PC and MAC compatible and comes complete with Applied Vision Software, which allows the user to capture images, record movies, launch video streaming and much more! When done, detach the camera from the mount and store it in one of the many lockable drawers featured on carts by Diversified Woodcrafts, Inc.
  • Flexible neck
  • Easy connection to all Diversified Woodcrafts camera mount carts
  • Easy connection to all multimedia projectors
  • Great for presentations
  • Lens: 6mm glass
Weight 3.86 lbs / 1.75 kg
Resolution 350 Lines
Head Type Swivel
Lens 6mm Glass
Light Sensitivity 1.5 Lux
Focal Distance 2.6mm to infinity
Magnification 30:1 or Greater
Output Signal Composite Video
Connection Video (RCA)
USB 2.0 - with USB Adapter installed in carts by Diversified Woodcrafts, Inc.
Microscope Adapter 28mm included
MSRP $325
Warranty Three Years