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Multi Video Product MVP-50
The MVP-50, is the first document camera with a durable exterior finish boasting aluminum construction to meet the rigors of daily use. The Multi Video Product or MVP is a line of high resolution cameras with multiple signal outputs. The MVP-50 has high resolution output signals for Composite Video, S-Video, USB, and SVGA. This document camera comes complete with Applied Vision" Software for USB. Applied Vision Software offers features such as live video at full screen, capture of stills, movies and time-lapse, anotate, measure, magnify, amalgamate, and video streaming. The Composite Video and S-Video output are ideal for VCR's, televisions or multimedia projectors. The VGA input and output (15 pin D Sub) is designed to maximize the interaction of your computer and multimedia projector. Manage the use of your audio visual electronics through the easy to use touch pad which controls positive/negative, split screen, brightness, mirror, freeze, iris control and computer (switch between camera and computer right on camera base without using projectors remote control).
  • All Aluminum Head Construction
  • Applied Vision" Software for Digital Connection
  • Media Management
  • Simultaneous Connections for Media Solutions

Weight 9.54 lbs / 4.33 kg
Base Material Polycarbonate
Base Dimension 3” H X 10” L X 8.5” W
(7.5cm X 25.4cm X 21.6cm)
Height 30" / 76.2 cm
Head Type Ball and Socket
Lens 8mm
Focus 1/4 turn Quick Focus"
Focal Distance 6mm to Infinity
Microscope Adapter 28mm and built-in 34.5mm
Light Sensitivity 0.5 Lux
Resolution 800 X 600
Magnification 50:1 and Greater
Connections Digital: USB
Video: Composite, S-Video and VGA
Audio: RCA (Microphone Jack)
Cables Video - 12’ / 3.7 meters A/V
USB - 6’/ 1.8 meters
VGA - 5’ / 1.5 meters
Software Applied Vision" Software for Windows ®
Ken-A-Vision Capture for Mac OSX
MSRP $1295
Warranty Five Years