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Our Mission

To deliver visionary tools and support services of uncompromised value and quality which uniquely enable all educators and inspire students to fulfill the true meaning of "Knowledge Through Vision", thereby advancing our standing in the marketplace.

If you have any questions regarding our products, we're here to offer you service and support with our real live phone staff and our extensive dealer network.



Ken-A-Vision has been manufacturing quality products for over 45 years. When the Microprojector was first introduced in 1954 it opened the microscope world to more students by projecting a microscopic slide onto a wall. This innovation allowed a group to view the same image at one time, and is used throughout the world.

In 1963 we first provided teachers with our quality microscopes. Over the years we, in a continuing effort to offer teachers the right tools necessary for our students, have provided durable microscopes. Today we introduce a new line up of student microscopes that will enhance your knowledge through vision.

Expanding beyond Science as teaching becomes more and more of a challenge, we manufactured the Video Flex® flexible camera to bring instant attention, whatever the topic. Allowing objects to be magnified up to 50x, teachers are able to project on a TV monitor, LCD projector or computer so that students can see the details they might otherwise miss. Today Ken-A-Vision brings you our latest Video Flex USB. With a simple connection to the USB port of your PC, Mac, or laptop, you can capture an image and SIMULTANEOUSLY display it on another monitor.

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