Ask Ken-A-Vision–Cleaning and Maintenance of Microscopes

It’s getting to be that time of year again when you start thinking about getting your microscopes serviced over the summer. They have been in constant use throughout the school year and need a good tune-up for next year’s students, not to mention a great bacterial scrub. There are two routes you can go, personally cleaning the microscopes or sending your microscopes in for service and repair.

Year Round Maintenance

Always use the provided dust cover. Do not store a microscope without any eyepieces, even if it is covered. This can allow dust to collect within the eye tubes, which can be difficult to clean. If the microscope eyepieces must be removed, simply cover the tubes with caps or a plastic bag with a rubber band around the eye tube. Do not store your microscope in an area that has corrosive chemical fumes that can destroy lenses or metal parts.

Cleaning Microscope Eyepiece Lenses

Never use sharp instruments or anything abrasive to clean the microscope lens. Clean the microscope eyepiece by moistening lens paper with lens cleaning solution and clean the lens with a circular motion. Dry the lens with a clean, dry piece of lens paper and when you are finished use an aspirator to remove any lingering dirt or particles.

Cleaning Objective Lenses

Clean all objectives with a piece of lens paper and you can mositen the lens paper with lens cleaing solution if need be. Always clean the lens with a circular motion. Dry the lens with a clean, dry piece of lens paper when you are finished. To clean the Immersion Oil Objective (usually the 100x objective), use the lens paper first, but dust may build up on the lightly oiled surface so if you wish to completely remove the oil then you must use an oil soluble solvent. We use Naphtha, Xylene, or turpentine, but use in very small amounts on the lens paper! Do not use water, alcohol, or acetone as the oil is insoluble to these solvents.

Here at Ken-A-Vision we service and repair microscopes, but we also have a large network of dealers across the United States and Canada that service our microscopes as well. If you’d like help finding the right route for your microscopes, please feel free to Contact Us, we will be more than happy to help.