13 Years with Ken-A-Vision

  Congratulations Jim! Jim joined Ken-A-Vision after a long career in assembly, product management, and onsite installations. Since his arrival as the lead in the Microscope department 13 years ago, Jim has continually provided honest, loyal insight and service to the overall success of Ken-A-Vision. Jim... More »

30 Years with Ken-A-Vision

  Congratulations Jerry! Over 30 years ago Jerry Courtright was selected to hand finish, sand, and paint our now world-famous Microprojector. Over the years Jerry took on additional positions, responsibilities and tasks, from machine maintenance to assembly. Jerry’s continued rise made him instrumental... More »

20 Years with Ken-A-Vision

Congratulations Keith! Keith joined Ken-A-Vision as an Optical Technician over 20 years ago. He used his extensive optical training and experiences in continued development, improvements and design of Ken-A-Vision’s products delivering interesting and elegant solutions. Keith continues in the development... More »

Upcoming Appearances

We are quite busy traveling this Spring, Come see us if we are in your neighborhood!      April 11-14, 2013               National Science Teachers Conference Next Generation Science: Learning, Literacy, & Living     Explore... More »

Experiments–Spinning Eggs

Students are getting restless, and spring break is near.  It’s time to bring out your magic and perform an unbelievable discrepant event to keep everyone engaged!  Now remember to NOT tell your audience what is going to happen and let their minds explore the possibilities. What... More »

What’s Hot in Education–Hands On Learning

  Have you visited the La Brea Tar Pits?   The optimal learning environment is placing a student in an environment where they can have hands-on experiences. Harry McDonald, a retired biology teacher, a presidential award winner, and our very own Ken-A-Vision consultant,... More »

Conferences–This week at Ken-A-Vision

It’s that time of year again; crates are packed, plane tickets purchased, and the Ken-A-Vision team is out in full force exhibiting!  This week we will be at FETC in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center (I know, what a shame!).  Ken-A-Vision will be exhibiting some of our... More »

What’s Hot in Education–STEM + Art = STEAM

kena’s debut at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Terry Evans is one of the nation’s finest landscape photographers, widely recognized for her views of the Midwest prairie, its people, and its artifacts. Evan’s long artistic journey began in Kansas City, in the nurturing warmth of her family life... More »

Experiments–The Amazing Ice Cube

Wahoo! Wow! What? A discrepant event goes against your student’s expectations and thus provides an open-ended question to stimulate the inquiry process. You will experience thought provoking shouts, “What’s This?”“Amazing!”“I Don’t Believe It!”   Now before you perform this unbelievable... More »

Testimonials–The Teaching Trip That Taught Me So Much

It is Sunday afternoon, and as I sip my Keurig coffee in a big mug I bought at the Toronto airport, I once again am reminded of just how good life is here in Canada. Three weeks ago I was in the midst of mid-30s temperatures in Port Au Prince, Haiti. My wife and I were chosen to go down and do some professional... More »