Washed Out Image

Products Affected: PupilCAM (or other camera) with microscope More »  More »

Doesn’t Fit

Products Affected PupilCAM Solutions The PupilCAM is designed to fit 25mm to 33mm eyepieces. It will not work outside this range. An optional adaptor is available for 23mm eyepieces. The PupilCAM may not fit on most binocular microscopes.  More »

Round Edges

Products Affected PupilCAM Solutions Wiggle the camera to fit better on the eyepiece.  More »

Narrow Picture

Products Affected PupilCAM Solutions The camera is not pushed all the way onto the microscope eyepiece.  More »

Shadow When Looking Through a Microscope

Products Affected 7890U Vision Viewer Solutions This is normal. The lens is a wider field and sees the inside of the microscope tube. It provides a “spotlight” effect on the display.  More »

Serial Number Required During Installation

Products Affected All products on Mac computers Solutions Please fill out and submit this form and we will contact you with a software serial number for installation.  More »

Error 1406 when installing Applied Vision

Products Affected All products on Windows computers Solutions The workaround for this issue is detailed in this PDF.  More »

Software Loads Slowly and Shows a Green Screen for Live Video

Products Affected Video Flex 7600, VFUSBAD2 USB Adaptor, and T-1953 Digital Microscopes on Windows Computers Solutions This is most often caused by the USB converter chip not receiving video signal. Ensure that the power switch is on and lit. With the adaptor, ensure that the camera source is... More »

“No Camera Attached…” Error Message

Products Affected All USB Products on Windows Computers Solutions Ensure that the power switch is on. Recheck all the connections. This error usually indicates a driver error, or a lack of a loaded driver for the unit. Download the current driver from our Downloads Page and install... More »