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The Professor microscope with its unique lighting system delivers high quality resolution at a cost effective solution. Now science hobbyists and elementary students can use a realistic microscope to explore science.


  • 4x, 10x, 40x Glass Objective lens
  • 10x Widefield eyepiece
  • 300 hours of operation utilizing three AA batteries and a light source equivalent to 10 watts
  • Complete with box of slides, (5) blank (5) prepared.
The Professor

Cordless Family
Introducing the first full-featured cordless microscopes. Ken-A-Vision’s uniquely designed microscopes provide up to 40 hours of continuous operation from a single charge with technology equal to 20 watts of light. These durable full-featured cordless microscopes offer ease of use and provide solutions to the lack of electrical outlets and are great for use outdoors! Patents Pending.


New! Recharge 8 Cordless Microscopes at One Time

The Ken-A-Vision microprocessor Multi-charger recharges (8) Ken-A-Vision cordless microscopes with NiMH batteries all at the same time with one electrical outlet. Each channel charges independently, so microscopes can be connected at various times. LED lights indicate channels in use and the percent of
charge received.

Cordless Microscope Features

Cordless (No cable, no mirror, no hassle)
Glass Optics (clarity and durability)
Rechargeable Standard 8 Hours
Battery Life 500 Cycles (approximately 2 years)
Light Source Technology Equivalent to a 20 watt bulb
Power Source: Built-in Rechargeable
Up to 40 Hours of Operation Form a Single Charge**
Bulb Life 100,000 Hours
Cool Operating Temperature £ 25°C (75°F)
Full-featured 10 year Warranty*



10x Widefield Eyepiece
20x Widefield Eyepiece              
Monocular Head
Interchangeable Head
Dual View Head
Binocular Head
4 Hole Reverse Nosepiece
4x, 10x, 40xR DIN Objective Lens
4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xR DIN
2x Objective Lens          
1x/3x Objective Lens            
2x/4x Objective Lens                
1x-4x Xoom Objective Lens                    
Upper & Lower Illuminator          
Substage Illuminator
Coarse & Fine Focal Adjusting
High Density Plastic
Covered Metal Base
360 Rotating Head

*Does not include battery and bulb
**Featured on the T-1201C

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