EduCam for Windows & Mac

Adobe AIR Application, Version 2.362+
Released 24 April 2014
For Windows XP SP3+ and Mac OSX 10.6.8+

Click Here to Download EduCam for Windows & Mac

Adobe AIR should automatically install with EduCam. If the Adobe AIR runtime does not install automatically, you can download it for free here:

Connecting to an image server

The EduCam PC client connects to the image server in a slightly different manner than the mobile app. Rather than using a random Session ID to find the camera image, EduCam for Windows & Mac requires the IP address of the broadcasting computer connected to the camera.

To view the camera image enter the IP address in the following format: kav, then click “Find Camera”.

For example:

**To find your IP address, follow the instructions linked here.

Access our publicly available 24/7 live feed by entering 999-999 for the Session ID and selecting between the camera and microscope.