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Whether you teach science or art, language or history, products by Ken-A-Vision give your students a whole new perspective.

It all begins with your vision!

Implementing Ken-A-Vision products in your school will enable educators to interact successfully in a technological environment to achieve their personal and educational goals. With the resources we have available, you will be able to use technology to access, retrieve, and use information school-wide, community-wide, nationally, and internationally.

WHAT products help teachers to intergrate technology?

Video Flex "it's not just for microscopy"

Capture digital images to add to a presentation
Replaces the overhead projector
Display and discuss intricate details as a group
Wireless video - move anywhere in a room cable free
Compatible with other tools (electronic white board, projector)

Vision Viewer "presentation tool"

Full screen digital images (640 * 480)
Wide angle lens
Record a chemical reaction
Record a time lapse of plant tropisms

Pupil Cam
"convert any microscope into a digital (video) microscope"

Each student (or a group of 3) can use their own digital camera with a computer to investigate and research their findings
Forensic investigation (crime lab)
Digital microscopy (displaying microscopic images)
Astronomy - recording things in our universe as it happens


Cordless Microscopes
Utilize in outdoor labs
Capture microscopic images in the field
Investigating Animal Behavior
Project WET
STREAM Team U.S. Dept. of Conservation

Digital Microscopes
Capture digital microscopic images for a report
Classification of living things

Realistic microscopy for elementary students - Professor

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