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Mac Software Serial Number Request Form

Use this form to request a software serial number for our Macintosh applications.

Note: The serial number of the USB unit is located on a sticker on the base of the unit, except for VFUSBAD2 USB adaptors and PupilCAMs, which are not serialized. For those products, simply put "n/a" in the Product Serial Number box below. Please note this is separate from the software serial number to install the Mac software.

  Product Serial Number

Version of the Mac OS in use:

What Ken-A-Vision USB product (hardware) are you using?

7600 Video Flex
T-1953 Digital Video Microscope
7890U Vision Viewer
7200U Video Flex
USB PupilCam
T-1252 Digital Video Microscope
T-1952 Digital Video Microscope
Other (please specify):

Click Submit, and your information will be sent to [email protected] We will send you a software serial number, and a link to download the software.