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Use Your Monitor to Focus on Intricate Details.

The Video Flex® microscope camera is ideal for day-to-day work in laboratory. Now you can view microscopic images without looking through your microscope. Simply connect the Video Flex® to a microscope (monocular, dual opposing, binocular or trinocular) for digital / analog image capturing.

Flexible Microscopic Image Capturing.

The Vision Viewer™ C-MOS camera generates superior digital quality imaging with 640x480 VGA resolution. The pre-attached cable makes it simple to connect to your monitor or computer. Great for both routine and research applications to archive or email images using an 8mm lens.

Software - Digital Image Capturing.

Share your microscopic images at multiple sites using video streaming with our Vision Explorer™ software. In addition, the VE software offers measuring, time lapse sequence and magnification of specific areas. It’s the ideal solution for researchers.

Make Your Microscope a Digital Scope.

Use our Pupil CAM digital CMOS camera to capture and communicate your microscopic research needs. This uniquely designed camera with its built-in adapter adjusts to different size eyepieces to fit most microscopes.

In addition, The Pupil CAM provides a secure and precise alignment over your microscope or stereoscope eyepiece

Microscopes That Bring Focus
to Your Specimen.

Choose from our ComprehensiveScope with interchangable head to our Research Scope with infinity lenses. Designed to give you the best features at an affordable price. Our high-resolution microscopes offer DIN achromatic lenses with a
clear crisp image.



Digital Video Microscopic Imaging.

Introducing Ken-A-Vision's latest design in microscopic imaging -- the Digital Microscope. Now you can view microscopic images on a computer. Designed to help you learn more while getting involved in a project, the Digital Microscope is combined with our unique Vision Explorer (VE) software. Capture your audiences attention and develop opportunities to interact with science and technology.

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