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Do you have lamps for an old microprojector? If your microprojector has a fan in the head, we can supply the bulb. If not, it is an old model and we no longer carry the bulb. Call

What lamp goes in my microprojector? If the microprojector has a fan it requires an EKL 150 watt lamp. You can purchase one through Ken-A-Vision for $29.40, item #KAVGEEKL.

Which one of the microprojectors do you suggest? We recommend the X1000-1 Microprojector. With rack & pinion focusing, a precision 3-hole nosepiece including par-focal 10x, 20x, and 43x objective lenses, a rotating turret disc with 5x lens and a 10x eyepiece tube, the X1000-1 allows for a vast array of viewing options.

Are there instructions for using my microprojector? Yes. The microprojector will come with a manual and we have a video "how to" tape that can be purchased online.

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