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Model X1000-1

All Ken-A-Vision Microprojectors feature a 150 watt quartz iodine lamp with double condensing system for maximum light, providing a crisp, clear image even in adverse conditions. The cooling fan not only extends the life of the lamp, but allows living specimens to last longer. Projecting living specimens is simple and easy. With the objective lens on the reverse side of the slide, you never have to worry with the lens touching your medium. The depth of field of the objective lens is so great that you can even look at objects through a petrie dish. Projection can be either vertical onto a table or horizontal onto a screen. The optics are specifically designed for microprojection, assuring sharp clean images from edge to edge. Polarized light experiments with the Microprojector is an additional asset to all models. Looking at crystals, in color, with polarized light, creates excitement in the classroom. All Ken-A-Vision Microprojectors have the same base, transformer, and light housing. The difference in the models are the mechanisms, number of objective lens, and method of focusing.


  • 16mm (10x) Yellow
  • 10mm (20) Green
  • 6.5mm (43x) Red
  • 10x Eyepiece
  • 5x W/F Lens
  • Polarized Set
  • Rack and pinion Focusing
  • Quartz Ioding KAVGE EKL Lamp - 150W, 21V
  • Blower cooler
  • Patented Cooling System
  • Phosphate Heat Filter
  • Double Condensing System (Light intensifying condenser)
  • Par-Focal color-coded lenses
  • Transformer 21.4V (110V or 220V)
  • Coated and corrected Achromatic lenses
  • Will accept 60x lens with bright projection
  • Construction - Amalloy Aluminum
  • Weight - 18 lbs.
  • Plastic dust cover
  • Teachers manual
  • UL Registered

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