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What bulb/lamp goes in my scope?
Click here for choices.

Can I get my microscope serviced locally?
Ken-A-Vision has expert technicians on staff to do repairs and maintenance, as well as authorized Ken-A-Vision microscope service stations. If you would like information on their locations, please call Ken-A-Vision at (816) 353-4787.

There is a line across my eyepiece.
If the line is straight and goes about half way across your eyepiece, it is a pointer. The pointer is designed to help pick out specific places in the object you are looking at.

I have a binocular scope but I can't see through both eyepieces.
Try positioning the ocular distance or Stenendorf head so that the eyepieces fit your eyes. Similar to standard viewing binoculars, these microscopes allow you to move the eyepieces.

Why do I want a digital microscope?
A digital microscope is a microscope with a built-in camera that allows you to capture images on your computer. When you connect your computer to an LCD projector, it allows you to display the digital images to your classroom. It's a great teaching tool when studying microscopy.

Why cordless microscopes?
- Freedom to move throughout your classroom or use in an outdoor lab
- Safety; cables often cause students to trip or get caught in their clothing and often cause the microscope to drop.
- Rechargeable; Ken-A-Vision Cordless are complete with a charger to recharge your microscope. If you forget to recharge your scope, no problem! Simply use the charger and the scope at the same time.

How long does the battery last in the Ken-A-Vision Cordless Scopes?
100,000 hours (approximately 3 years for use in a classroom)

What is the difference between a Cordless Scope with a 9V battery and a NiMH battery?
The main difference is that a 9V battery is not rechargeable. Additionally, there is not enough power supplied with a 9V battery to give ample light source.


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