Digital Microscope

Ken-A-Vision has re-imagined classroom integration and collaboration. Software is today’s sharing medium. Ken-A-Vision delivers on this need with EduCam®. EduCam is the first fully functional collaboration, assessment software for visual feedback and sharing.

Create a flipped learning classroom, enable a true BYOD environment or maximize the core curriculum’s inquiry-based concepts and STEM initiatives. Ken-A-Vision’s EduCam software is the key when loaded onto any PC, MAC, Smartphone, or Tablet. Ken-A-Vision wants you to imagine, embrace and see the easy integration and seamless parallel EduCam offers… and then we find the product right for the classroom.

But it all starts with the Software…

1. Begin by downloading our EduCam Software on your computer
2. EduCam Plus or EduCam Classroom Viewer on your device to see what the possibilities are
3. Choose the digital microscope for your class – teach, learn, and explore.

kena 3-in-1 Digital Microscope - Ken-a-VisionKena 3-in-1 Digital Microscope T-17541C Monocular Digital Microscope - Ken-a-VisionT-17541C Monocular Digital Microscope T-17548C Monocular Digital MicroscopeT-17548C Monocular Digital Microscope TU-19542C / TU-19542C-230 Monocular Digital MicroscopeTU-19542C / TU-19542C-230 Monocular Digital Microscope
TU-19544C / TU-19544C-230 Dual Purpose Monocular Digital MicroscopeTU-19544C / TU-19544C-230 Dual Purpose Monocular Digital Microscope TU-19642C / TU-19642C-230 Binocular Digital MicroscopeTU-19642C / TU-19642C-230 Binocular Digital Microscope TU-19644C / TU-19644C-230 Dual Purpose Binocular Digital MicroscopeTU-19644C / TU-19644C-230 Dual Purpose Binocular Digital Microscope

EduCam Software

Visit our EduCam information page or watch the demo video to learn more.

EduCam Plus for MAC, PC and Tablets

EduCam Classroom Viewer for Smartphones

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