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Model TT-5B Stereomicroscope

This Ken-A-Vision quality stereomicroscope offers durability and the best in optical clarity - all parts are locked and "student proof".


  • 45° inclined binocular head rotatable 360° and can be locked in any position.
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment from 55mm to 75mm with diopter.
  • Sharp image with glass prisms.
  • Working distance 82mm.
  • Rack and pinion focusing - slip clutch and tension control.
  • Florescent transmitted light below and variable Halogen incident light above.
  • Full size 160mm x 225mm Metal base with built-in three way incident and transmitted illumination system.
  • Supplied with dust cover in styrofoam case.
  • Ten year limited warranty.

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Catalog Number Objectives Widefield Eyepiece Magnification Field of View Stage Illumination
T-2200 1x and 3x 10x 10x - 30x 20mm, 6.5mm Illuminator
T-2201 1x and 3x 15x 15x - 45x 15mm, 5mm Illuminator
T-2202 1x and 3x 20x 20x - 60x 10mm, 4.3mm Illuminator
T-2204 2x and 4x 10x 20x - 40x 10mm, 5mm Illuminator
T-2205 2x and 4x 15x 30x - 60x 7.5mm, 3.7mm Illuminator
T-2206 2x and 4x 20x 40x - 80x 6.5mm, 3.2mm Illuminator

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