SCGN061 Multicharger 2

Discontinued Microscopes

The Multicharger 2 keeps all of our microscopes fully-charged and ready for your classroom projects and assignments. Plug it in the wall power outlet, connect up to eight microscopes, and in just eight hours, it will completely charge the NiMH batteries in the connected microscopes. A microprocessor in each charging slot monitors charging to prevent overcharging, and LED lights let you know if it is still charging or finished.


  • Allows one electrical wall outlet to charge eight microscopes at once
  • LED meter indicators show percentage of charge received
  • Red and green LED station indicators show when microscope is charging or fully charged
  • Enables you to easily charge multiple microscopes while they are in storage


Size L × W × H 5.5" × 8.5" × 1.8" / 14cm × 21.6cm × 4.5cm
Weight 4lbs / 1.8kgs
Warranty 1 year limited

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