T-1252C Cordless Digital PrepScope Monocular

Discontinued Microscopes

The T-1252C Cordless Digital PrepScope, was a revolutionary design in digital microscopy. It’s a cost-effective solution for capturing microscopic images. It is powered by USB to capture clear, sharp images directly to your computer, and can be used as a standard microscope or a digital microscope. It comes complete with Applied VisionTM Software for Windows.

If you own this product, it will not work with Windows 7. If you provide us the serial number of your T-1252C, for a limited time we are offering the T-1754 with a $100 instant rebate towards the purchase of a T-1754 which does work with Windows 7. Click here for more details.


Output Resolution 640× 480
Head Monocular with built-in camera
Nosepiece Reversed 3-hole
Objectives 4×, 10×, 40×S, DIN
Lighting Tungsten or Bright and cool LED white light
Stage Square with 2-stage clips
Size 6" × 4" × 11" / 15.2cm × 10.2cm × 28cm

Applied Vision 4 Software

Applied Vision 4
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Free software upgrades
  • Unlimited site licenses

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