T-1901F / T-1901F-230 Monocular Comprehensive Scope

Discontinued Microscopes

The Comprehensive Scope includes a professionally equipped instrument priced within the educational budget.  The series provides quality optics (DIN) and light rheostat.  It’s a comprehensive offer with flexibility and value for high schools and colleges.


T-1901F 110 – 120 Volt
T-1901F-230 220 – 240 Volt
Head Monocular
Nosepiece Reverse 4-hole
Objectives 4×, 10×, 40×S, DIN achromat objective lenses
Lighting Fluorescent
Stage Fixed plain stage with 2 spring-loaded stage clips
Size 8.5”L × 6.5”W × 15”H / 21.6cm × 16.5cm × 38.1cm

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