T-1922C / T-1922C-230 Cordless Comparison Scope

Discontinued Microscopes

The Cordless Comparison Scope is the perfect classroom microscope for teaching forensics and comparative sciences. It lets you compare two slides side-by-side with each viewed separately in a full-field or together in a split screen, or you can view each slide individually with high-quality optics and independent focusing on each microscope base.


T-1922C110 – 120 Volt
T-1922C-230220 – 240 Volt
HeadSeidentopf Binocular, 30˚ incline, 360˚ rotatable, 2 eyepieces
Nosepiece2 - Reverse 4-hole
Objectives2 - 2×, 4×, 10×, DIN achromat objective lenses
LightingTungsten or Bright and cool LED white light
Stage2 – Mechanical Stage
Size8.5”L × 15.5”W × 21”H / 21.6cm × 39.4cm × 53cm

How It Works


Side-by-side comparisons for forensics or biology applications.

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