T-2703 / T-2703-230 Trinocular Research Scope

Discontinued Microscopes

Performance and comfort made this a leading choice in education, laboratories and universities.  Ergonomic design, rugged construction and simple operating procedures make this microscope the microscope of choice.  The T-2701 is value-priced with high quality optics.


T-2703 110 – 120 Volt
T-2703-230 220 – 240 Volt
Head Seindentopf Trinocular
Nosepiece Reversed 4-hole
Objectives 4×, 10×, 40×S, 100×S DIN
Lighting Halogen
Stage Low position coaxial mechanical stage
Size 8” × 9” × 15” / 20.3cm × 23cm × 38cm


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