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Press Releases
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Kansas City, MO. March 29, 2004 - - Ken-A-Vision, a manufacturer and supplier of educational technology tools introduced today the Book CAM visual presenter. With the Book CAM you can make any book a BIG book!

The Book CAM visual presentation camera has a clip that "clips" to a book or table and displays direct to your TV monitor or LCD projector. It's a great peripheral tool for an LCD projector. This unique camera is set for document inclination that allows you to view the picture on a screen / monitor just as you see it!

The pre-attached 12' video cable makes it easy to use and no cables to lose. The flexible neck provides more versatility in positioning and the 6mm lens allows you to view more of the document. The Book CAM magnifies an image from a book or text up to 30 times. Features include: Composite video, 480 TV lines of resolution and 1 year warranty.

Melissa Carver of Southwood Elementary says "with the Book CAM it enables us to initiate the standards of NCLB while integrating technology into our classroom lessons." Visuals help you to retain more and with the Book CAM your students will be get more involved and excited about reading.


Video Flex Camera Initiative
Professional Development, Classroom Equipment, and Support 

March 2004

Science Scope: "Tek Trek"
The use of laboratory activities with a Pupil Cam and Video Flex is a method for science teachers to integrate the abilities that are proposed in the Life Science Content Standard C.

December 2003

Media and Methods: "Guide to Presentation Equipment in Schools"
Visualizers offer increased flexibility, literally. Gooseneck style document cameras are favorites of science teachers.

Missouri Science News:
"Helping Bring Science Alive in the Classroom"

About Ken-A-Vision Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Ken-A-Vision delivers visionary tools and support services of uncompromised value and quality, which uniquely enable all educators and inspire students to fulfill the true meaning of "Knowledge Through Vision" thereby advancing our standing the marketplace. The company's headquarters are located at 5615 Raytown Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64133 USA, and can be reached by phone at 816-353-4787 or by fax 816-358-5072. Office in The Netherlands Haagsche Hof, Parkstraat 83 - 2514 JG The Hague The Netherlands phone: 31-70-353-8113 fax: 31-70-353-8333 and office in Hong Kong.

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