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PC Software Support Request Form

For Mac Software, use our Mac Software Support Request Form.

Please fill out all fields to ensure the best possible support.

Note: The serial number of the USB unit is located on a sticker on the base of the unit, except for VFUSBAD2 USB adaptors and PupilCAMs, which are not serialized. For those products, simply put "n/a" in the Serial Number box below.

  Serial Number

What operating system are you using?
To determine, right click on My Computer and select "Properties".

Windows 98 Second Edition
Windows Millenium Edition
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows XP Service Pack 1
Windows XP Service Pack 2

Windows 95, Windows 98 (non Second Edition), and Windows NT are not supported.

What Ken-A-Vision USB product (hardware) are you using?

7600 Video Flex
T-1953 Digital Video Microscope
7890U Vision Viewer
7200U Video Flex
USB PupilCam
T-1252 Digital Video Microscope
T-1952 Digital Video Microscope
M*Eye Camera

What Ken-A-Vision software product are you using?

Applied Vision
Vision Explorer
Ken-A-Vision Camera
Other (please specify):

(Ken-A-Vision Camera software is obsolete and no longer supported, upgrade to Vision Explorer on the Downloads Page.)

Version number of the software:
To determine, open the software and click Help, then About.

Version number of DirectX installed:
To determine, click Start, then Run, then type "dxdiag" and click OK.

What error are you experiencing?

When I start the program I get the following error: "Warning: Your camera is not connected or is not functioning properly."

When I start the program it loads very slowly, and when it is up I see a green screen where the live video should be.

I am getting a video signal, but the quality is poor.


If other, describe your problem in as much detail as possible below. Put any additional notes or comments below as well.

Would you prefer to be contacted via phone or email?


PLEASE NOTE: Failure to provide all requested information may prevent us from being able to solve the issue.


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