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1.  How do I replace the lamp?
You dont! There isnt one. People see the unit working and they cannot believe that there isnt a lamp to light what they are looking at on the monitor.

2.  I plugged in the Video Flex and it wont work!
First, ask did you turn on the switch? Did the red light come on? Are you going through a VCR, or TV monitor? Do you have the owners manual for that VCR or TV/monitor. Is it a TV/monitor, etc.?

3.  Will the Video Flex connect to any computer?
Yes it will, if your computer has a video digitizing board.

4.  What is a digitizing board?
Several different types and kinds. Some are called digitizers, some are called frame grabbers. All work the same way. They take the analog signal from the Video Flex and change it to digital that computers like. Come by the booth and we will show some of these boards.

5.  Will the Video Flex hook up to any TV?
Yes and no! The Video Flex will connect to any TV/monitor, VCR, Video Projector, etc., that has a "video-in" connection. Straight TVs have only an antenna connection. In this case, you will have to go through a VCR or RF Modulator.

6. What is an RF Modulator?
This is an item you can pick up at Radio Shack for about $30.00. It will accept a video signal and put it through the antenna connection.

7. What do I need a microphone for?
I tell people that the microphone is for recording purposes. It is not a PA device. However, if you ever plan on using the Video Flex with a VCR, the unit with the microphone is great! 

Video Flex 4000, 5000 and 6000 series ALL come standard with Audio capabilities!

8. What is the effective range of the microphone?

The range of the built-in microphone is approximately 3-4 feet.

9.  Why do I need a battery backup system?
The battery and charger are great for electrically challenged rooms. Also, if you are in the field, it is very convenient, too!

10.  What is the Discovery Scope Kit?
This is our most popular option. It is a kit that will hold various items in front of the lens so that you are able to achieve various lighting.  You can capture images from 35mm slides, specimens from a petri dish, the watertight "Bug" boxes and watertight Bio-bags.

The Discovery Scope kit includes the Clamp, Zoom Bar, Tweezers Clamp, Plastic Box Holder, two (2) "Bug" Boxes and watertight Bio-bags. The Video Flex 2000 Explorer requires the VF2CLAMP accessory.

11.  What accessories do I need when I buy the Video Flex?
None! The Video Flex comes complete to be used immediately. The optional accessories are exactly that, optional.

If you have a specific question that has not been addressed in this forum please feel free to E-mail our Technical Services desk.


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