Applied Vision Measurement Tool

Learn how to calibrate your digital microscope in Applied Vision 4 software and then have the ability to make measurements on the captured image.

  1. Connect the Ken-A-Vision product(s) in the USB port(s) of your computer.
  2. Once the product(s) are connected, launch Applied Vision software on your computer. A live camera view should appear.
  3. Within the field of view of the camera or microscope place a good quality measuring tool.On the lower menu, select “Take a Snapshot & Annotate.”
    • For a camera, place a ruler of choice.
    • For a microscope, place a stage micrometer slide.
  4. A new window should appear and it should be labeled “Image.”
  5. Select the second tab, “Measure.”
  6. Now choose “Select Saved Scale” and you will see the model number of the T-19641C Digital Comprehensive Scope 2 microscope. 
  7. So, I am on the 4x objective so I choose that scale by clicking on the correct model number T-19641C (4X)
  8. To measure, hold down the mouse button and drag the line across, until you have measured a specified length then release the mouse button.
  9. The line should appear orange if measured correctly.
  10. In the lower menu, select “Perform Measurement.”
  11. A new box appears named “Measure.” The line you just measured on the image should be denoted in this box with a measurement.
  12. If you wish to take another measurement, repeat the steps and the 2nd measurement will be added right below the first measurement in the spreadsheet.
  13. You have several options once you are finished measuring:Now, each of you received a Slide Micrometer with your digital scope and you do have the option to calibrate your own microscope and create a new scale. 
    • You can select, “Copy All Measurements to Clipboard.” This allows you to take all the measurements and export them to an outside program such as Microsoft Excel.
    • You can select, “Write Last Measurement to Image”.
    • You can save the image or print the image.
  14. Place the micrometer slide on the stage and focus in with the 4x objective.
  15. On the lower menu, select “Take a Snapshot & Annotate.”
  16. A new window should appear and it should be labeled “Image.”
  17. Select the second tab, “Measure.”In the lower menu, select “Calibration” and a “New Scale” window appears on screen.
    • Now measure a denoted length on the micrometer slide. I will measure 0.01mm or 10 Micrometers.
  18. Name your new scale, the known distance, and what units you are working in. When you are ready to save the scale, select “OK.”
  19. To make sure your new scale is recorded, in the lower menu, select “Select/Remove Scale” and then select “Select Saved Scales.” The new scale you just created should have a checkmark by it denoting that it is the scale in use.
  20. Finally, if you wish to delete the scale you have just created, simply select “Select/Remove Scale”, select “Remove Saved Scale” and then select the scale you wish to remove.

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