Phenyl Salicylate Crystals

Amaze your students by demonstrating the melting point of phenyl salicylate and the recrystallization right before their eyes. This is a great introductory demonstration for a unit on minerals.

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Aluminum Foil Reaction

In this lab, the student will take a piece of aluminum foil and place it into a solution of Copper (II) Chloride. The student will observe its behavior by measuring the temperature at the beginning and end of the experiment. They will qualitatively investigate any changes that occur. Experience the reaction between aluminum and copper chloride by removing the oxide layer of aluminum. Recorded with a FlexCam 2 document camera at 1080p HD.

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Copper Sulfate Crystallization

Expand the minds of students by growing copper sulfate crystals for a time-lapse recording that the students will experience right before their eyes with a digital microscope. In this lab, crystallization occurs by heating water and dissolving copper sulfate into a saturated solution. When the temperature of the saturated solution begins to lower, crystals will begin to form.

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Pop & Slough

You may have participated in this workshop at NSTA Nationals 2012 in Indianapolis and received hands-on training with the kena digital microscope and Applied Vision 4 software. In this lab, the student will investigate their own skin cells with digital technology before and after a treatment. They will make their own skin care products that will emphasize the student to master measurement, calculations, and microscopy. See a sample of skin snapshots taken with the kena digital microscope for comparison in this lab. John’s Finger, Katie’s Palm, and Bobby’s Hand

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Discrepant Water Activities

These simple water activities introduce the concepts of surface tension, capillarity, and electricity for the student.

These simple water activities investigate water treatment plants and how the public gets clean drinking water.

Chemical Changes–Copper & Silver Nitrate

In this lab, the student will perform a reaction between copper and silver nitrate solution where silver metal should be produced.

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