The Ticking Clock

Mesmerize your students with the gears of a ticking clock.

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Milk Magic

Experience the breaking of surface tension and altering of proteins with this simple milk demonstration.

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Surface Tension

See how many drops of water can fit on a coin.

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Acceleration Due to Gravity

If a bowling ball and a basketball were dropped from the same height at the same time which would hit the ground first?

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Keep Bobbing Along–Discrepant Event

Go further with the investigation of density with water and other liquids.

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Spinning Eggs-Discrepant Event

Introduce students to the concept of inertia with this egg event.

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In this lab, the student will investigate how light is refracted by water in two different mediums.


In this lab, the student investigates momentum of an object with mass.

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Force and Vacuums–Discrepant Event

Introduce students to forces and vacuums with an egg, bottle, and matches.

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Density–Volume by Displacement

In this lab, the student will explore mass and water displacement with a balance and a graduated cylinder.