Microscope Videos

The Monarch Caterpillar

In 2009, Mrs. Carlilse’s seventh grade class partnered with MonarchWatch.org and sent a Monarch Caterpillar into space. Her class used the kena digital microscope to record the movements of their monarch caterpillar. (mp4, 2.77MB)

Copper Sulfate Crystals

Expand the minds of students by growing copper sulfate crystals for a time-lapse recording that the students will experience right before their eyes with a digital microscope. (mp4, 5.57MB)

Phenyl Salicylate Crystals

Watch crystals grow right before your eyes with the crystallization of phenyl salicylate. (mp4, 7.78MB)

Silver Nitrate Reaction

Experience the reaction of silver nitrate with a copper penny under a digital microscope. (mp4, 1.75MB)

The Ticking Clock

Mesmerize your students with the gears of a ticking clock. (mp4, 12.6MB)

Daphnia Anatomy

Capture the daphnia heart beat and view the eggs of the daphnia reproductive system with a digital microscope. (mp4, 4.73MB)

Onion Osmosis

Capture osmosis with a digital microscope and discover the movement of molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. (mp4, 4.57MB)

The Amazing Amoeba

Capture cytoplasmic streaming of an amoeba underneath a digital microscope. (mp4, 15.1MB)


Experience tetrahymena through the eyes of a digital microscope to demonstrate the levels of organization and characteristics of this taxonomy. (mp4, 8.9MB)