Applied Vision for Mac software download is damaged

Products Affected

All Ken-A-Vision digital products


This error is caused by the security settings on your Mac computer. The software is not actually damaged and will install correctly once the settings have been updated. Please follow the instructions below to install and run Applied Vision.

  1. The user will need to unlock downloads in Security settings on their Mac. Instructions are at the following link:
  2. The user will be prompted to install XQuartz X11 for Mac. X11 is no longer included from Apple with OSX. If not prompted, please go to the following link to download:
  3. You must download and install XQuartz-2.7.4.dmg for OSX 10.6.3 or later before installing Applied Vision 4 software.
  4. You will be prompted to log out and then log back in to make XQuartz as your default X11 server.
  5. Once logged back in, make sure your Java is up to date. Otherwise AV4 will not be able to launch.
  6. Please install Applied Vision for Mac:
  7. Restart your computer and then launch Applied Vision 4 with your digital product plugged in the USB port.
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