Color issues with PupilCam


Products Affected



Ken-A-Vision has determined that the current PupilCams – which are color corrected for LED (Light Emitting Diode), Halogen, and Fluorescent lighted microscopes – are not color corrected for incandescent lighted microscopes.   One blue filter will improve the image color, but does not completely correct any color issues observed when using an incandescent light microscope.

Although our original PupilCam was designed to work mainly with an incandescent and LED light, a shift in the overall environmental policy motivated us to build a camera best suited for technologies that are currently available in the market place and have been in the market place for over 15 years.

We regret any issue this may cause and stand ready to personally discuss any questions you may have in using our PupilCam or upgrading to a more environmentally aligned Microscope.


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