“No camera attached…” error message

Products Affected

All USB products on Windows computers


  • Ensure that the power switch is on.
  • Recheck all the connections.

This error usually indicates a driver error, or a lack of a loaded driver for the unit. Download the current driver from our Software Downloads page and install it. Try the KAV Support Tool to determine exactly which driver is required: KAVSupportTool.exe

Additionally, with the Applied Vision software, it will load into the Image Browser mode. Check the white pull-down menu below the File menu (for camera selection) and if there is a device listed; if so, select it and click the Close button to the right.

If this fails to produce live video, please fill out a Windows Software Support Form and a Ken-A-Vision representative will get back to you shortly. All USB products manufactured prior to December 31, 2008 are no longer supported.

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