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T-1200C Cordless PrepScope
This compact microscope is designed with optical quality and ruggedness to withstand student use. We have added a vented cooling system to the microscope allowing cool operation. The No-Slip guarantee ensures the stage will not slip or drift during normal use. The Cordless PrepScope offers ease of use and provides solutions for classrooms with a lack of electrical outlets. It is also great for use in your outdoor lab.
  • New Features: Enormous New Eyepiece, Reverse Nose Piece, Improved Battery Replacement, Black Objectives
  • Prism Head: No mirror
  • Rechargeable: NiMH battery
  • Slip Clutch: Prevents damage to focusing mechanism
  • High density plastic covered base: Protects the metal base from chipping
  • Power: 40 hours for a single charge or use with power supply for unlimited time
Weight 4 lbs / 2 Kg
Size 12"H x 6"D x 4"W
Prism Head 45° angle, rotates 360°
Eyepiece 10x Widefield
Objective Lens 4x, 10x, 40xR DIN
Stage Size 90mm x 90mm
Coaxial Focusing One Knob - coarse and fine
Diaphragm 6 aperture disc
Stage Spring loaded stage clips
Light Source Technology equivalent to a 20 watt
Light Board 100,000 hours
Power Source Rechargeable NiMH battery
Power Source Life 500 cycles (approximately 3 years)
Base High density plastic covered metal
MSRP T-1201C: $169
T-1202C: $229
Warranty Ten Years