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T-1900 Comprehensive Scope
The Comprehensive Scope series includes a professionally equipped instrument priced within the educational budget. The series provides quality optics (DIN), mechanics and features available in three options: Monocular, Dual Opposing and Binocular. It's a comprehensive offer with flexibility and value for high schools and colleges.
  • New Feature: Added rheostat on side of unit
  • 10x WF Eyepiece: Wide 19mm eyepiece
  • Vented Cooling System: Cool operation that provides safety in use
  • Reversed Nosepiece: Greater stage working area with easy access
  • Easy access door: Change bulb
  • Coarse & Fine focusing: Separate knob for coarse and fine focusing
Weight 4 lbs / 2 Kg
Base Material All metal construction
Base Dimension 125mm x 120mm
Size 15"H x 8.5"L x 6.5"W
Head Type T-1901: Monocular
T-1902: Dual View
T-1903: Binocular
Eyepiece 10x Widefield
Objective Lens 4x, 10x, 40xR DIN
Nosepiece Reversed Four Hole
Focal Adjustment Coaxial Coarse and Fine
Light Source 20 Watt Tungsten Bulb or Fluor.
or Powered by Ken-A-Vision Lighting
Add'l T-1903 Features 100xR Oil Immersion Lens
Abbe 1.25 NA Condenser
Mechanical Stage
MSRP T-1901: $269
T-1902: $349
T-1903: $599
Warranty Ten Years