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T-1901C Cordless Comprehensive Scope
The Cordless Comprehensive Scope series includes a professionally equipped instrument priced within the educational budget. This microscope provides quality optics (DIN), rechargeable batteries, and a light rheostat. It's a comprehensive offer with flexibility and value. Excellent for high schools and colleges.

The T-1901C is only available by special order. Please see the T-19011C.

  • New Features: Improved Battery Replacement, Charging Indicator Light, Added rheostat on side of unit
  • 10x WF Eyepiece: Wide 19mm eyepiece
  • Head: Monocular
  • Vented Cooling System: Cool operation that provides safety in use
  • Reversed Nosepiece: Greater stage working area with easy access
  • Coarse & Fine focusing: Separate knob for coarse and fine focusing
  • Cordless: Use with or without power cable
  • Rechargeable batteries: NiMH battery fully recharges in just 8 hours
  • 40 hours operation: Continuous cordless operation from a single charge