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T-1930C Cordless Dual Purpose Comprehensive Scope
The new Cordless Comprehensive Dual Purpose Scope combines a standard compound microscope with limited stereo microscope capability for one low price.
  • Separate Top Light for Viewing Large, Macro or Opaque Specimens
  • Bottom Light for Standard Microscope Slides
  • Light Rheostat for Better Light Control
  • Limited Stereo Capabilities with 100x Magnification
  • Longer Working Distance
Weight 15 lbs / 8 Kg
Base Material All metal construction
Dimension 8.5"L X 6.5"W X 15"H
21.6 cm X 16.5 cm X 38.1 cm
Head Type Monocular (T-1931C)
Dual View (T-1932C)
Binocular (T-1933C)
Eyepiece 10x Widefield
Objective Lens 2x, 4x, 10x, 40xR DIN
Focal Adjustment Coaxial Coarse and Fine
Stage x/y Floating
Above Stage Lighting Yes
Below Stage Lighting Yes
Light Source Equivalent to 20 Watt bulb
Bulb Life 100,000 hours
Power Source Rechargeable NiMH Battery
MSRP T-1931C: $359
T-1932C: $429
T-1933C: $599
Warranty Ten Years