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T-19541C Digital Comprehensive Scope 2
The Digital Comprehensive Scope 2 is a very professional instrument, which will produce digital images for instant display of a specimen to a computer screen, or audio/visual projector. These same high resolution images can be incorporated into papers, reports, or tests. The unit is both PC and Macintosh compatible, and comes with Applied Vision Software™ (PC), which allows the capture of single images, time lapse sequences and movies, or digital movies for recording. This microscope has a modern, modular design on a very stable base. The arm of the microscope includes a built in handle for ease of carrying, and an integrated storage system for retaining items with the unit.
  • 1.3 Megapixel CMOS Camera: Microscope and Camera one unit
  • Resolution: Full Screen imaging – 1280 X 1024
  • USB 2.0 Connection: Utilizes high speed connection
  • USB 1.1 Compatible: Back compatibility standard
  • Applied Vision™ Software: Windows and Macintosh Compatible
  • Abbé Condenser: Includes iris diaphragm
  • Stage: Mechanical X - Y; substage knobs
  • Achromat Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xR DIN
  • Dimmer (Rheostat) Switch: Easy adjustment of transmitted light
  • Reverse Nosepiece: Ease of slide insertion and manipulation
  • Coaxial Focusing Knob: Separate coarse and fine adjusting
  • Carrying Handle: Convenience
  • Storage Door: Retaining items with unit
  • Ken-A-Vision Cool Lighting: Patented LED bright white light, long bulb life
Weight 10.4lbs/ 4.7kgs
Size 10" x 7.13" x 14"
25.4cm x 18cm x 35.6cm
Head Type 45° angle Monocular with
built-in USB 1.3MP camera
Eyepiece 10x Widefield with Pointer
Objective Lens 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xR DIN
100xR - Oil Immersion
Focus Separate Coaxial Coarse and Fine
Mechanical Stage Coaxial Low Position
Mechanical X - Y
Light Source Ken-A-Vision® Cool Lighting
Variable Light Control Yes - Rheostat
Light Control Abbé NA 1.25 Condenser
Connection USB 2.0
Resolution 1280 X 1024
Frame Rate Up to 30 Frames Per Second
Software Applied Vision for Windows®
MSRP $899
Warranty Ten Years on Microscope
One Year on Camera