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T-2600C Cordless Vision Scope
Introducing the first advanced, full-sized cordless stereomicroscope. Ken-A-Vision's uniquely designed stereoscopes provide up to 20 hours of continuous operation from a single charge with technology equal to 20 watts of light. The unique rubber base provides extra stability. An interchangeable head lets you choose from a rotating turret (T-2200C series) or Zoom (T-2600C).
  • Cordless: Up to 20 hours of operation without any electrical connection
  • Dual Rocker Switch: Separate on/off switch for transmitted and incident light
  • Dimmer Control: Variable intensity controls for incident light
  • Oversized Focus Knob: Makes it easy to focus
  • 3-way transmitted light: Use top, bottom, or both lights at the same time
  • Power Supply/Charger: Use stereoscope with or without power supply
Base Material Metal construction
Head Type 45° angle Binocular
Interpupillary adjustment 55mm to 75mm
Light Source Equivalent to 20W bulb
Focusing Coarse and Fine
Stage Plate Frosted
Power Source Built-in NiMH battery
Bulb Life 100,000 hours
Optics 1x to 4x zoom objective, 10x eyepiece
MSRP $799
Warranty Ten Years