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T-2701 Research Scope
Performance and comfort make this a leading choice in education, laboratories and universities. Ergonomic design, rugged construction and simple operating procedures make this microscope the microscope of choice. The T-2701 is value-priced with high quality optics. The optional Trinocular head is great for upper level courses.

The T-270X series is discontinued. It is replaced by the T-290XX series.

  • 10x WF Eyepiece: Extra wide 19mm eyepiece
  • Dual Diopter: Individual adjustment for each eye
  • Seidentopf Binocular: Interpupilar adjustment has no effection magnification
  • 30° Inclined Head: Provides comfortable viewing angle
  • Reversed Nose piece: Allows greater stage working area
  • Low position coaxial mechanical stage: Ergonomically designed for ease in positioning your microscope slide.
  • Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focal Adjustment : Longer lasting all metal construction
  • Tension Adjustment: Easily accessible stage drift control
  • Unique Base: Designed to fit microscope cabinets