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TeachCam 910-171-150
The powerful TeachCam® offers superior-quality image display and enables clear audio and video sharing with a broad selection of cutting-edge features. Its built-in IllumaBase® light source and advanced lighting and color controls give teachers unprecedented viewing options with microscope slides, 35mm slides, macro objects and more. The IllumaBase holds the IllumaBoxes and IllumaSlides plus 35mm slides. The microscope eyepiece adapter enables class-wide display of microscopic organisms, encouraging group participation. The TeachCam now offers higher resolution, with 410K pixels and more than 480 TV lines. Light sensitivity has also been increased to only 1.5 Lux, and the signal-to-noise ratio is greater than 48 dB.
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Flickerless Mode
  • Positive / Negative Inversion
  • Built-in IllumaBase®
  • Microscope Adapters and Custom Microscope Adapter
  • Illuma Boxes & Slides
Weight 4.3 lbs / 1.95kg
Dimension 7" x 7.5" x 29"
18cm x 19cm x 73cm
Gooseneck Length 27" (65cm)
Lens 8mm C-mount
Illumination 1.5 Lux
Focal Range 1/4" - 50' / .6cm - 15.24m
Iris Electronic
White Balance Auto
Grain Control Auto
Image Type CCD
Resolution 480 Lines
Real-Time Video Up to 30 Frames per second
Output Signal Composite
Microscope Adapters 28mm & 34mm
MSRP $899
Warranty Two Years