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Colorado State University -

"Your Ken-A-Vision Video Flex is a powerful tool for the classroom.   During the spring semester just completed, I used the camera for our college's first ever Presentation Technology Course.  In the class, students were instructed, among other tasks, to bring images of three dimensional objects in a a Power Point presentation using your camera.  The student's creativity was exactly what I had hoped for - great."

Argyle Independent School District -

"The 8th grade has just finished a unit on minerals and crystals.  The teacher showed the class some pictures of famous diamonds with the Video Flex.  The clarity of the pictures was great!  The students were able to view the different cuts possible on a gemstone, so the visual pictures and the textual information made the subject more interesting and understandable."

Georgia Department of Education -

"Thank you for allowing us the opportunity  to see first hand and demonstrate the Video Flex system to our teacher of agriculture in northeast Georgia.   The 67 teachers and guests in attendance witnessed how easy the unit was to setup and adjust for optimum viewing."

University of California, Riverside -

"I have enjoyed using your Ken-a-Vision very much. I enjoyed it so much that I used it during a presentation I made for children at the University of California, Riverside. The Ken-a-Vision allowed a classroom of students to see micro animals close-up and to experience the movement and habits of those animals. Also, it allowed me to demonstrate the construction of model rocketry so that my students could follow my every direction.  I then took the Ken-a-Vision to one of my master level classes at another university to teach future administrators how to use new technology, and my students were excited. They used the Ken-a-Vision and wanted it for their school.  I would highly recommend the Ken-a-Vision for many educational applications. It is a wonderful piece of emerging technology."

Palm Middle School -

I cannot begin to tell you how exciting my experience with your Video Flex Camera has been! Ever since my students and I started to work with your Video Flex Camera, last May, we never cease to be amazed by the versatility of the camera. We have used it to create multimedia projects for science, social science, and language arts. I am enclosing copies of two of these programs for you to keep and hopefully use the show other teachers what a wonderful tool this camera can be. I am particularly impressed with:

  1. It's ease of use
  2. Quality of the image that it produces
  3. Flexibility of use across curricular areas.

Laurel Public Schools

I got the new camera today.  I used it in every class.   What a lot of possibilities for this thing!  The only thing that I am worried about is other teachers finding out how useful it can be to them.  I have already used it as an overhead, we watched snails crawl around on a dead dragonfly in a bowl of water, we examined the life stages of a moth in one of my reference books, we learned how to use a vernier caliper, we examined the meniscus in a graduated cylinder, and the list could go on. Soooo, thank you very much for getting us such a good deal on this wonderful teaching tool!


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