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Digital Problems

"No Camera Attached..." Error Message All USB Products on Windows Computers
  • Ensure that the power switch is on.
  • Recheck all the connections.

This error usually indicates a driver error, or a lack of a loaded driver for the unit. Download the current driver from our Downloads Page and install it. Try the KAV Support Tool to determine exactly which driver is required: KAVSupportTool.exe

Additionally, with the Applied Vision software, it will load into the Image Browser mode. Check the white pulldown menu below the File menu (for camera selection) and if there is a device listed; if so, select it and click the Close button to the right. If this fails to produce live video, contact Ken-A-Vision for technical support.

Software Loads Slowly and Shows a Green Screen for Live Video Video Flex 7600, VFUSBAD2 USB Adaptor, and T-1953 Digital Microscopes on Windows Computers This is most often caused by the USB converter chip not receiving video signal.
  • Ensure that the power switch is on and lit.
  • With the adaptor, ensure that the camera source is on and working.
  • Recheck all the connections.
  • Reboot the computer with the device turned on.
If everything is correctly connected, you may have a hardware problem. Please contact us by submitting a PC Software Support Form.
Error 1406 when installing Applied Vision All products on Windows computers The workaround for this issue is detailed in this PDF.
Serial Number Required During Installation All products on Mac computers Please fill out and submit this form and we will contact you with a software serial number for installation.
Shadow When Looking Through a Microscope 7890U Vision Viewer This is normal. The lens is a wider field and sees the inside of the microscope tube. It provides a "spotlight" effect on the display.
Narrow Picture PupilCAM The camera is not pushed all the way onto the microscope eyepiece.
Round Edges PupilCAM Wiggle the camera to fit better on the eyepiece.
Doesn't Fit PupilCAM The PupilCAM is designed to fit 25mm to 33mm eyepieces. It will not work outside this range. An optional adaptor is available for 23mm eyepieces. The PupilCAM may not fit on most binocular microscopes.
Washed Out Image PupilCAM (or other camera) with microscope The light must be reduced. Depending on the features of the microscope, adjust the rheostat, the iris, the condenser, or the disc diaphragm to lessen the brightness and enhance the clarity of the image. If the image is still too washed out, a thin sheet of paper can be placed over the light source to temper the brightness.

Video Problems

Blue, Black, or Snowy Screen All Video Products
  • The TV monitor or VCR is not set correctly to accept an external video source. Refer to your TV or VCR manual to use Video Input.
  • Be sure that the power is on both the TV monitor and the camera unit.
  • If the camera is attached to a microscope, be sure that the microscope light is on.
  • Ask a student who plays video games to hook it up for you.
No Audio Video Flex Series The audio on these units is provided by an unamplified microphone with a range of 4 to 6 ft. The audio will only be amplified or recorded when used through a VCR device with a preamp. The audio will not be amplified sufficiently when plugged directly into a TV monitor.
Fuzzy or B&W Picture Video Flex 7500 Wireless or Wireless Clip Kit
  • Use the tuning wheel on the side of the receiver to fine tune the signal.
  • Eliminate as much electronic noise in the room as possible.
  • Change position of the transmitter and/or receiver.

Microscope Problems

Will Not Focus Professor The slide is too thin and the stage must be raised a bit. Put a "spacer" under the slide to elevate the stage.
No Light Professor Check and/or change the batteries. If new batteries do not fix the problem, the unit must be returned for service.
No Power All Cordless Microscopes
  • Be sure the batteries are fully charged.
  • Always charge the batteries before storage.
  • If the batteries will not hold a charge, they must be replaced. Please contact Ken-A-Vision for a replacement battery pack.
No Light All Cordless Microscopes If the unit is getting power, but there is no light, it must be sent back for repair.
Partial Fields (Not Round) All Microscopes
  • Adjust nosepiece
  • Adjust objective
  • Adjust iris/disk
  • Align condenser