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VF4000 Series
(Catalogue No. 4050 & 4100)

With the Video Flex® 4000 series video microscope, your entire classroom can share the microscopic world. Through the eyepiece or teaching head of a microscope, examine an insect or specimen in a petri dish, explore the universe with a telescope, look more closely at a globe, a printed page and much more. No special lighting required!

Quickly attach the Discovery Scope Kit to capture and present 35mm slides, specimens, or just about anything you can grab with our unique mounting adapters. Share small intricate details from as close as 1/4" (6mm) and magnify up to 50 times or more!

The Video Flex® 4000 series enhances all of your classroom presentations and provides the latest technology in high-resolution imaging. It features:

1/4" QuickFocus" C-Mount lens for single-handed fingertip focusing
Long 25" neck for more precise positioning
Ball & Socket camera head design for multi positioning--an ergonomic design and feel!
Standard built-in microphone for audio capabilities--Optional minijack and Omni Directional Lapel Microphone available for minimal additional charge!
Standard RCA/S-VHF connector plugs for TV and computer!
Compact, space-saving base for secure placement!
Five-year limited warranty!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Manufactured in the U.S.A!

With over 40 years commitment in developing innovative technology for education, Ken-A-Vision® is proudly pushing forward into the 21st century and beyond providing "Knowledge Through Vision.""

Specifications VF4050 VF4100
Weight: 5.92lbs (2.69kg) 5.92lbs (2.69kg)
Base Dimension: 5 1/2" (13cm) x 7 1/2" (20cm); water-resistant base 5 1/2" (13cm) x 7 1/2" (20cm); water-resistant base
Base Material: Metal-Alloy Metal-Alloy
Gooseneck: 25" (65cm) full motion, flexible 25" (65cm) full motion, flexible
Head: Ball & Socket Ball & Socket
Lens: 8mm 8mm
Focus: From 1/4" (6cm) turn rotation "QUICK FOCUS"" to infinity; C-mount allows Video Flex to quickly change lenses From 1/4" (6cm) turn rotation "QUICK FOCUS"" to infinity; C-mount allows Video Flex to quickly change lenses
Audio: 4Db gain +/- 1Db 4Db gain +/- 1Db
Light Sensitivity: 1.5 lux 1.5 lux
Output Signals: Composite / S-video Composite / S-video
Focal Distance: 1/4" (6mm) to Infinity 1/4" (6mm) to Infinity
Magnification: 50:1 50:1
Resolution: 400 TV Lines 400+ TV Lines
Picture Elements: 542 x 582 pixels 542 x 582 pixels
Exposure: Fixed Contrast Adjustable Contrast
Image Device: 1/3" CCD 1/3" CCD
TV System: NTSC Standard or PAL NTSC Standard or PAL
Power Supply: 115/120 - 5VDC - 800MA or
230 - 5VDC - 800MA
115/120 - 5VDC - 800MA or
230 - 5VDC - 800MA
Standard Cable: 12' Audio/Video Cable 12' Audio/Video Cable
Microscope Adapter: 28mm & built-in 34.5mm 28mm & built-in 34.5mm
Warranty: 5 Years 5 Years
  The Video Flex is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


  The Video Flex's low lighting requirements enable you to capture and transmit sharp, highly detailed color images without special lighting.   You can show small, intricate details from as close as 1/4" and magnified up to 50 times, or pan the room.
Video Flex® Optional Accessories
A - Microscope Polarizing Adapter

B - Discovery Scope Kit

C - Discovery Scope Polarizing Filter
(accessory to Discovery Scope Kit)

D - Camera Lens
VF4MM - 4mm Lens
VF25mm - 25mm Lens

E - Eyepiece Adapters
(for use with microscopes and telescopes--
other sizes available
VFEA230 - 23mm
VFEA250 - 25mm
VFEA280 - 28mm
VFEA330 - 33mm

F - Freedom Battery Pack
VFCASE Waterproof carrying case
V12AVC 12ft Audio/Video Cable
VF24A 24ft. Audio/Video Cable
VFMINIJACK Mini Phone Jack (required with Omni Directional Microphone)
VFLAPMIC Omni Directional Microphone (this item must be ordered and installed at time of order--may not be retrofit after assembly is complete)
VHOWVHS Instructional Tape - VHS Video Tape
VFDEMO Demonstration Tape - VHS Video Tape
VF24AVPC 24ft. Audio/Video Power Cable
VFCEPCI Video Digitizer for PCI BUS (PC) (NTSC & PAL)
VFCENB Video Digitizer for PCMCIA (Notebook/Laptop) (PC) (NTSC & PAL)
VFCELPT Frame Grabber-LPT (PC) (NTSC & PAL)
VFCERTSCSI Video Digitizer (MAC)
VFTEXHR Televeyes High Resolution (NTSC & PAL)
VFTEXHS Televeyes High Resolution with Audio (NTSC & PAL)
VFCENMSC PC to MAC Connecting Cables (for VFCEIBS)


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